Austin Marketology | Marketing Science For Decisive Results
“Marketology” means marketing science — an approach to marketing based on intelligence and data. Know what's working and why. Finally!
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A Little About Us

What is “Marketology”?

If you are tired of looking at sessions and impressions, we’re here to help. “Marketology” means marketing science — an approach to marketing based on intelligence and data. You should know what’s working and what’s not, and how to get the most out of your online presence. We use detailed insights to improve your business outcomes.

If you are not sure how your marketing or website is working for you, we need to talk.

Marketology In Action

How We Do It

We use the tools that are readily available (often free), and use the collective body of information those tools provide to instruct a more intelligent approach to your marketing strategy. We can do this on an ongoing basis for you, or we can teach you to allow you full control of your marketing.

In-depth analytics, conversion tracking, audience segmentation…we could go on. Our goal is to be your marketing expert, coach, and strategist – helping you get the decisive results you want.

All About You

Why We Do It

You don’t have to take a media company’s word for it any more.

Stop overspending just to get mediocre (or worse, unknown) results. Take control of your media spend, stop getting “sold”, and embrace full transparency and clear results. Learn how to more effectively run AdWords, Facebook, retargeting and more. We’ll be your guide.

Want us to help do the dirty work? We can do that. You’ll still hold the keys. Like it should be.

Marketology is data-driven marketing.


Detailed Tracking0

Media Strategy0

Decisive Results0

Advanced Analytics

Get more out of your Analytics. We help you create effective goals and funnels - tracking everything, including unique audience segments and individual users.

Audience Intelligence

You know your customers. Right? It's time you knew exactly which are your most profitable and why. Learn how they interact with you online and duplicate those results.

Actionable Insights

Light bulb moment. Analyzing your website, audience interaction, and media platforms - we provide insights that allow you to take next steps with confidence.


When, where, and how do you show up on searches for your company or services? If you don't have a strategy in place, you'll be left behind. We'll help make you Google-friendly.


Solid social media results elude many businesses. How can you break through? Stop guessing! Take an in-depth, data-driven approach - and watch it grow.

So Much More...

Whatever the platform, we are here to be your guide - with intelligence, expertise, and of course, marketology.

It’s time to take your marketing to another level. It’s time for MARKETOLOGY.

Success Stories

The results are in. While we are protective of our clients and their information, we can share with you where they started and what we’ve accomplished together. Multiple industries. Many challenging situations. Measurable results.

Maximize Your ROI

We take return on investment seriously. If your spend is not yielding the return you want, we find out why. Then we work together with you to quickly and significantly improve your outcomes.

Learn More

More Than You Bargained For

We believe in putting others first and in leaving things better than we found them. That's why we always seek to bring value to every encounter you have with Austin Marketology. From day one.

Let's Get Started

Rule #1:

Always Bring Value.